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KFW Grants Program

Each year, KFW awards $200,000 in grants;
$100,000 is given for each program.

Artist Enrichment 2013 Grantees
Art Meets Activism 2013 Grantees

Artist Enrichment 2013 Grantees

Beaded Treasures Project (Prospect):  $2,860.00 to create short videos with refugee women telling their stories about building power through jewelry making. Through their  artistic skills, the women gain financial independence and self-expression. Marketing their jewelry increases awareness of the circumstances refugee women face in Kentucky as well as in their own countries.

Bricollage, Senior Woman’s Art Group (Berea):  $1,000.00 for six mature Appalachian women to create a traveling exhibition of visual art addressing inequalities faced by women of all ages in Kentucky. Creating the art will  increase their understanding of current feminist concerns. The exhibition will facilitate intergenerational dialogue through targeted discussions at colleges and universities around the state.

Monica B. Brown (Lexington):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to work with a mentor to complete her young adult novel, “My Eyes Are Listening,” about an African American girl’s struggle to keep her mother’s fiancée from abusing her family. Working with a mentor will help her develop as a more expressive and creative writer. The completed novel will help women and girls find their inner voice and speak out against abuse.

Cindy Butor (Nicholasville):  $4,020.00 to create a short comic book about Russian women soldiers in WWII.  She will improve her graphic design skills, and the comic book will raise awareness about these “frontovichi” women and engage the Lexington community in a dialogue of women's roles in combat.

Jacquelyn C. Carruthers (Paducah):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to paint portraits of women from around the world, to show their individual beauty and cultural differences. She will develop her skills as a visual artist. The portraits will reflect cultural diversity and raise awareness about the strength of women from around the world.

Jessica Lyne Caudill (Morehead):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to research a collection of essays about the parallels between women's issues in Chinese and American culture, based on her extended family relationships and experiences. The research will broaden her writing, and book will raise awareness about the expectations and perceptions of women in the two cultures.

Rae Cobbs (Louisville):  $4,500.00 to complete her first novel, “Blake’s Crossing,” a story about a young girl with repressed memories of abuse experienced at an early age.  Completing the novel will help her develop as a writer. The novel will explore themes of innocence, abuse, racial prejudice and art’s healing power.

Joan Dance (Paducah):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to develop materials for folk art classes for women with disabilities in her community, She will portray generational culture and folklore in her artwork, and participants will connect and learn from one another.
Shawna Dellecave of IamIs (Louisville):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to create an audio CD, “Go Supernovae!,” exploring  the theme of personal relationships. She will develop her skills as a recording artist, music marketer and band manager, which will help broaden the experiences and perceptions of women in the independent music community.
Kathi E.B. Ellis (Louisville):  $1,100.00 to study Spanish and more effectively engage Spanish-speaking members of the theatre community in Kentucky. Increasing her fluency will broaden her artistic work, particularly in bilingual environments, and enable her to engage diverse audience members in dialogue about feminist and human rights topics addressed in the plays she directs.
Linda Erzinger (Louisville):  $1,650.00 to learn from artists and activists working in recycled materials in other states about aesthetics, construction techniques and marketing strategies for community created public sculptures. She will improve her skills in facilitating community art projects, and her sculptures will inspire critical thinking about people’s power as consumers.
Jessica Farquhar (Louisville):  $2,300.00 to create a manuscript of poems exploring the fragmented identity that mothers can feel. She will develop experimental techniques to enhance her skills and confidence as a poet. Her poems will validate women’s experiences by articulating emotional truths about the realistic struggles of motherhood.
Stacy Michelle Frett (Murray):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to create photographic self-portraits that convey her strength and beauty as a modern woman. This will help build her confidence as a feminist artist and presenter. The artwork will inspire women to feel at ease with themselves, their sexuality and their artistic potential.
Wanda Fries (Somerset):  $3,650.00 to research a novel from the point of view of Catherine Blake, artist, craftsperson and commercial printer, married to William Blake. The novel will highlight marriage equality in a transformative period in the development of human rights. The novelist will engage in a new level of scholarship and research.
Jennifer Gibson (Morganfield):  $3,110.00  to develop an autobiographical poetry chapbook, "Coaxing Thomasina," about her experience as an incest and domestic violence survivor. Creating these poems will build her confidence as an artist.  She will share her poems with women at domestic violence shelters and sexual abuse centers to help inspire other survivors find their strength and take control of their own destinies.
Grayson Gallery and Art Center (Grayson): $3,750.00 to hold a screenwriting workshop for women in Carter County featuring writer/director Allison Anders. The workshop will help establish the Gallery as a center for feminist art in Eastern Kentucky, and provide young women with tools to help them create meaningful and provocative art through writing and film.
Carrie Green (Lexington):  $4,200.00 to create poems about the women writers and visual artists who produced the groundbreaking 19th century book, Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio.. Her research will enrich her poetry and help her become an established feminist artist in her community. The poetry will raise awareness of the contributions of women to ornithology.
Leslie Guttman (Lexington):  $5,280.00 to revise her screenplay, "Foaling Season," about a female war correspondent who overcomes post-traumatic stress disorder by returning home to Kentucky.
Jennifer Hart (Lexington):  $4,430.00 to create art quilts transforming pornographic images from the internet into positive, beautiful and humanized nude figures. Making the quilts will strengthen her artistic voice as a feminist, and the work will encourage dialogue about the effects of pornography in today’s  culture and challenge perceptions about the limits of fiber-based work.
Julie Hensley (Richmond):  $2,116.00  for time and skill building to complete "The Recklessness of Water," a novel about secrets among three generations of southern women. She will increase her confidence in herself and her art. Her novel will illuminate eco-feminist themes and portray motherhood and the domestic sphere as potential sources of women’s empowerment.
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt (Georgetown):  $3,000.00 to write a full length poetry manuscript exploring gendered family relationships and  a chapbook of persona poems in the voice of Catwoman, to claim her power as a woman behind the mask. She will explore her own notions of feminism and challenge beliefs about women's roles. The completed work will encourage dialogue about power and sexuality in our society.
Jason Howard (Berea):  $4,900.00 to create and edit an anthology of essays, poems, songs and memoirs exploring the relationship between gay men and strong women, titled "The Women We Love: A Gay Homage." He will enhance his biographical writing skills leatrn about the influence of strong females on prominent international gay authors. The anthology will demonstrate feminism’s impact on men and highlight women’s contributions to social change and social justice in the LGBTQ community.
Cynthia Ryan Kelly (Lexington):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to create new paintings addressing racial and gender discrimination to mark the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer in Mississippi. She will develop as an artist by finding her voice in a large scale project. The artwork will inspire reflection and dialogue about the continued importance of civil rights struggles in the United States.
Christine Kuhn (Lexington):  $2,860.00 to help renovate her studio to increase the time she can dedicate to experiment in painting and sculpture. She will use the studio space as a teaching space and community gathering place, hosting monthly gatherings and exhibits, leading to an increased sense of community in her neighborhood.
Ariel Lavery (Murray):  $2,000.00 to create a series of sculptures using domestic found objects that reflect the roles played by western Kentucky women. She will focus on a new technique  and finding her feminist artistic voice. The completed work will reimagine domestic life and challenge viewers' preconceptions about gender roles.
 Ramona Dallum Lindsey (Louisville):  $1,270.00 for studio space to create textile sculptures merging quilting and needlepoint skills with weaving and beading, using repurposed and sustainable materials. She will develop as an artist by experimenting with sculptural art in different environments. Her work will inspire women and girls to define their identities and purpose for themselves.
Looking for Lilith Theatre Company (Louisville):  $4,200.00 to support the regional premier of Catherine Filloux's Luz,  highlighting women and the US immigration system and the global scale of gender-based violence. The company will strengthen their skill and national exposure. The production will strengthen the company’s relationships with Latina and immigrant women in Kentucky.
Ebony Marshman (Bowling Green):  $1,025.00 to encourage her to create portraits informed by feminism exploring the intersection of race, sexuality and violence in women’s lives. She will expand her knowledge of feminist theory and establish a studio practice. The work will spark community dialogue about race and sexuality.
Journey McAndrews (Lexington):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to research and write a full-length collection of poetry called “Rusted Legacy,” exploring domestic violence and sex trafficking in the voices of four Kentucky females. She will advance her writing skills and the completed work will link issues of sexual violence to larger social, political and religious inequalities and help abused women create healthy and liberated lives.
Kelly Moffett (Independence):  $2,650.00 to research and write poems about Black Madonnas in southern France. She will expand her capacities as a writer and  her research will inform her role as feminist, advisor and mentor for other women.
Amanda Jo Runyon (Draffin):  $4,000.00 to attend the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop and complete a collection of short stories linked by themes of social, emotional and mental turmoil in Appalachian female characters. She will develop her characters and polish her writing. Her stories will open dialogue about the complexities of mental and emotional stress in the Appalachian region and beyond, and help women better cope with their own challenges.
Karen Slack (Lexington):  $4,000.00 to commission a woman composer to write two complete song cycles showcasing African Queens, Native American women warriors, and other strong female historical figures. She will expand her scope as a classical vocal artist by performing these compositions, and the completed work will raise awareness about powerful women who affected political and social change in their societies.
Tytianna Nikia Maria Wells Smith (Louisville):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to develop a collection of  poetry and prose to be incorporated into a treatment program for young female survivors of trauma and abuse. Revising her poetry will help her develop as a feminist writer and activist. The poetry will help these girls and young women confront their pasts, break the cycle of generational violence and transform their lives.
Bianca Spriggs (Lexington):  $4,500.00 to continue research, writing and editing “The Thirteen,” a multimedia narrative paying homage to Black women and girls lynched or murdered in Kentucky in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She will grow as a social change artist by taking these stories to the communities where the violence took place. The narrative will highlight the  historical importance of these stories and foster dialogue about how they relate to contemporary violence against women
Katerina Stoykova-Klemer (Lexington):  $2,500.00 to complete the first draft of her memoir, "For Katya," about a young Bulgarian woman who rebels against the patriarchal rules in her family and society. She will develop as a memoir writer, and the story will help survivors of childhood abuse or women who feel disempowered by early, unplanned pregnancies find hope, strength and inspiration.
Lisa Taylor (Lexington):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to attend a writers conference and complete a novel about an eleven year old girl scientist. She will develop as a writer, and the novel will show middle school girls that they can succeed in scientific fields and societal pressures should not determine or limit their career choices.
Susie Thiel (Lexington):  $2,000.00 to attend a workshop and collaborate in creating a dance exploring the theme of women’s empowerment. The workshop will refine and inspire her own creative process as a dance maker. The completed work will generate discussion and raise awareness about women's issues.
Upper Town Heritage Foundation (Paducah): $1,644.00 to encourage Betty Dobson to produce a play called "Ms. Maggie," about an African American woman owner of the Hotel Metropolitan in Paducah in an era of segregation. Ms. Dobson will grow as a feminist social change artist. The play will spark dialogue and action about changing the way African American women and girls are portrayed.
Melanie Van Houten (Frankfort):  $2,250.00 to support her collaborative, eco-feminist large-scale artwork, Josephine Sculpture Park, including the artisttic programs, website, and a documentary about the mission of the park The park provides opportunities for participants  to experience artmaking and reflect on art in a natural environment.
Lindsey Windland (Berea):  $2,235.00  to create fiber work representing home, identity, womanhood and leadership.  She will develop her embroidery, rendering, illustration and composition skills, and create a complete feminist collection. The work will shift awareness about embroidery and modern Appalachian women's experiences with self-sufficiency, child rearing and gender roles.
Whitney Withington ($1,000.00 to encourage her to create handmade journals featuring pictures of women from around the world. She will develop her skills as a bookmaker and the journals will highlight the importance of storytelling in women's lives.

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Art Meets Activism 2013 Grantees

Tonya Adkins and Sharon Wolfe Tepsick (Olive Hill and Ezel):  $3,275.00 to support Artisan Women’s Retreats with heritage arts and crafts, concluding with a sing-along of traditional Appalachian music focusing on the contributions of women in traditional music. These activities will provide an opportunity for creative expression, raise awareness about the value of women’s contributions, and help participants see their own potential as agents for social change.

Appalshop, Inc.
(Whitesburg):  $5,500.00 for two women producers at a community radio station, to create a radio series, audio collage and live radio talk show, focusing on Kentucky women affected by the criminal justice system. The activities will facilitate dialogue about incarceration from a feminist perspective and enhance public understanding of women’s role in the movement against mass incarceration.
Balagula Theatre Company (Lexington):  $1,000.00 to encourage the production of a play by the winner of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference Prize for Women Playwrights Competition. The production will provide an opportunity for local women artists to direct, stage manage and act in a new play, and will raise awareness about gender discrimination affecting women playwrights.
Beaded Treasures Project (Prospect):  $7,500.00 to provide materials and microloans to refugee women to create and sell handcrafted beaded jewelry, blending Kentucky crafting with crafts from their home communities. The women will gain financial independence, self-esteem and self worth, and the community will learn more about the challenges refugee women face.
Ashley Bell (Campbellsville):  $1,000.00  to encourage her to photograph fifteen  individuals or groups of diverse women and display the portraits in her community. The photographs will capture the distinctive qualities of  the women, and exhibiting the photographs will inspire dialogue about awareness and acceptance of differences.

Bondurant Middle/ Western Hills High School Student Support Center
(Frankfort):  $1,500.00 to encourage female students who are experiencing challenges at these two schools to change the direction of their lives by setting goals and journaling.  Journaling will help the girls empower themselves, transform their lives and share their experiences with other young women.

Carrie Brunk
(Big Hill):  $5,000.00 for the Clear Creek Festival, an annual community event, including music, theatre, dance, storytelling, spoken word and film, along with workshops and activist engagement. During the festival, feminist activists and community members create a diverse cultural and educational space to enjoy art, build community, promote healing, deepen public consciousness and inspire action toward a more just and sustainable world.

Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning
(Lexington):  $3,500.00 for the Young Women Writers Project engaging high schoolers in exploring writing and literary performance techniques while examining issues of concern to them, including body image and self-esteem. Female writers in their 20s and 30s will mentor the high schoolers who will in turn serve as writing mentors for 4th and 5th grade girls. The program encourages young women to discover their own voices with confidence and self-respect.
Center for Women and Families (Louisville):  $4,250.00 for artist Christy Burch to engage staff and community members in creative writing and storytelling for “Herstory,” celebrating the center’s 100 years of advocacy for women.. With permission, the stories will be developed into a community theatre production to inspire others to become part of the movement to end violence against women.
Centro Latino and EDUCA, Educational and Cultural Advancement for Latinos, Inc (Owensboro):  $5,500.00 for “Bilingual Latina Women’s Creative Voices Project,” “Crónicas,” which focuses on writing about life experiences, such as immigration, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, parenting hardships, and the process of women changing their lives. The women will discover their own talents, independence and courage, and use their voices to promote change in their community.
Cynthia Chang (Richmond):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to photograph and create a documentary series about women ages 18-25 pursuing an education to exceed traditional expectations in a patriarchal society. The photographs will bring awareness to young girls and encourage them to build goals, exercise their rights as women and follow aspirations beyond the kitchen.

Ellie Clark and Vanessa Becker Weig
(Lexington):  $5,500.00 to support “The Girl Project,” in which young women in Kentucky will work with national teaching artists to learn about how negative portrayals of females in the media shape body image and self worth. Participants will create an original theatrical piece examining how these negative portrayals affect young women. They will also discover truths about themselves, gain understanding of feminism and activism, and advance to their highest potential.

Family Scholar House
(Louisville):  $1,050.00 to provide opportunities for women who are single parents and students to participate in art therapy groups and individual sessions to increase their self-expression and personal development. The participants will gain self-confidence, decrease stress, develop personal goals, become role models for their children and discern their future direction.
Erin Fitzgerald (Louisville):  $1,500.00 to work with a theate artist and incorporate visual art, writing, music and drama into the Resilient Families Project, a partnership between the University of Louisville and Wayside Christain Mission, to strengthen families experiencing homelessness. The art activities will encourage women and girls to recognize their strengths and increase understanding and respect among family members.
Marian Foster (Louisville):  $1,500.00 to develop a workshop for mothers and children with developmental disabilities to write, share and publish a poetry book. Participants will develop their creativity and hone their voices, and the book will be a resource for teachers who want to use these affirming techniques in their classrooms.
Madelyn Gates (Frankfort):  $1,500.00 to support “Arts Immersion for Seniors,” engaging elders in literary, performance and visual arts workshops to tell their own stories. The workshops will help participants understand the meaning and importance of art in their lives, develop their artistic abilities and identities, and foster a greater sense of self-worth through creatively telling their stories.
Joanna Thornewill Hay and Judy Sizemore (Frankfort and Annville):  $5,000.00 to document the contributions of women to public art in Kentucky through oral history interviews with a focus on feminism and social change. The interviews and accompanying photographs will be incorporated into cultural websites and tourism apps to increase knowledge about Kentucky women in public art, redefine the role of feminist public art and promote awareness of the issues that feminist art addresses.

Kentucky Center ArtsReach Program
(Louisville):  $6,100.00 for workshops for girls to create visual art and a dance piece honoring influential women in the civil rights and gender equity movements. The piece will be presented at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. community arts celebration. Participants will learn about women who have stood up for what they believed, develop confidence and hone their creative skills to become empowered artists and give back to the community.

Kentucky Women Writers Conference
(Lexington):  $3,500. for artist fees for the 35th annual conference, including workshops, readings, discussions, seminars, writing contests and a spoken-word competition. The conference offers inspiration, advice, community and mentoring to Kentucky women. Presenters discuss feminist issues, demonstrate community engagement and show how art can influence social change.
Kentucky Domestic Violence Association, Inc. (Frankfort):  $6,195.00 for creative writing workshops and readings with incarcerated women about how violence or the threat of violence has affected their decisions, hopes, health and lives. Incarcerated women will be able to share their experiences with the community. The readings, which will be photographed, will help community members become aware of violence against women, as well as human rights violations in prisons, so that the public can become capable and responsible for making change.

Christine Kuhn
(Lexington):  $4,645.00 to collaborate with LGBT teens and community members to create pavement murals promoting positive mental states along Lexington’s Legacy Trail corridor. The collaboration and completed work will help participating teens, community members and walkers on the trail become open to new experiences, ideas and people, thereby creating social change.

Kate Larken
(Willisburg):  $5,630.00 for “Grassroots Women Publish,” to create a literary journal that highlights the words, images, and concerns of rural women. Showcasing the writing and visual art of rural women will bring a more equitable gender balance in the media.

Lexington Children’s Theatre's Shooting Stars Youtheatre and Octavia Biggs-Fleck
(Lexington and Clearfield):  $2,525.00 to support two artist residencies with at-risk teenage girls at the Morehead Youth Development Center, which treats drug-related mental and physical abuse. Engaging in writing, photography and performing arts will help the young women develop self-awareness, leadership abilities and problem solving skills, reduce their incidence of drug use and cultivate thoughtful, creative youth who will make positive contributions to their communities.

Looking for Lilith
(Louisville):  $3,250.00 for three company members to travel to Guatemala and engage women in workshops dealing with domestic violence in their communities. The company members will share the workshop scenes with Latina women and girls at La Casita Center in Louisville. Their work will create new understanding and possible solutions for domestic violence in these two communities.
Marcy Mitchell (Wellington):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to engage young women in the 4-H Photography Club to join her in creating a book of photographs of children with special needs being raised by single mothers. The book will show the individuality of the children and the strength and independence of the mothers, and will raise awareness about children with special needs.

Carrie Neumayer
(Louisville):  $1,225.00 to work with Beargrass Media Club on the “Angry Girls Project,” which will engage women and girls to create a multi-media toolkit promoting creative expression as an effective way to address anger and frustration. The work will address misconceptions and stereotypes, encourage creativity and lead to increased confidence for women and girls in the community.
Danielle Pousette (Nicholasville):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to create a photographic essay and recorded interviews reflecting the lives of female cadets in three Kentucky ROTC programs. The photographs will show the strength of each female cadet, and contribute to the social dialogue about women in the military.
Dotti Russell (Louisville):  $1,000.00 to encourage her to train home-schooled teenage girls to gather oral histories and and create audio-video DVDs with octogenarians. The activities will give two generations an opportunity for creative self- expression, enable young women to develop their artistic skills, and advance social change by promoting positive connection amongst generations.
Amber Sigman (Louisville):  $3,500.00 to lead photography workshops for teenage female survivors of abuse, neglect and abandonment at Home of the Innocents. The photography will help the girls learn artistic and social skills, leadership, teamwork, and patience, and raise awareness in the community about the issue of child abuse.
South Park Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) (Louisville):  $6,305.00 for teen mothers in this public high school to work with artists, gather stories from women elders, and create a collaborative quilt and theatrical production. The students will experience living history and increase their self- confidence. The quilt and theatre production will travel throughout the state, helping to dispel myths about teenage parenting by showing young women with strong voices.
Vera Thomas (Lexington):  $1,500.00 to encourage her to provide poetry writing and performance sessions for girls and women at schools and organizations in Lexington. Participants will examine their lives through art, improve the quality of their lives by changing how they view themselves and build self-esteem by creating art that reflects their goals and dreams.
University of Kentucky Research Foundation (Lexington):  $2,050.00 to support a lecture and artist book making workshops during “Hand, Voice and Vision,” a national exhibition at UK libraries in 2014 from the Women’s Studio Workshop. The workshops and lecture will increase awareness about women’s issues and social change over the last thirty years. During the workshops, local women artists will create books expressing their social change views.

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