KFW Staff and Board Members

Members of KFW


Sallie Bingham
Santa Fe, NM

Judy Nichols
Louisville, KY

Jacquelyn Carruthers
Paducah, KY

Cheryl Hopson

Bowling Green, KY

Theresa Hayden
Louisville, KY

Nisha Gupta
Louisville, KY

Raabia Wazir

Lexington, KY

Tanya Turner

Whitesburg, KY

Advocacy in Action: Meet the KFW Board

Ellen Birkett Morris has been interviewing KFW Board members and will profile a different Board member each month. Click the names below to read their profiles.

Message from the KFW Board

The KFW Board is inspired by the talent, vision, and passion of all of our feminist artists and recognize their efforts to lead social change efforts in our state. We are so pleased to be able support the work of KFW and our diverse community of artists.

Collaborating in support of the KFW mission, the current board includes a Communications Team, Board Development Team and Finances Team. This year the board focused on updating internal structures, supporting the KFW staff initiatives, and implementing policies that promote the health and well being of the Foundation. We supported Hopscotch House updates, Advancing Democracy Building Power for Women grant, and plans for artist residencies with Savannah Sipple and Carolyn Finney. We supported the KFW Equity and Access Plan that builds on our established priority populations and expands to include a comprehensive analysis our racial/cultural equity and access outcomes for all communications, program materials and workshops, internal and external process for grant and residency application and review, and data collection. Finally, we provided individual interviews on the KFW blog,  so that KFW community members can witness our personal commitment to social justice in Kentucky.

As we welcomed new board members and said farewell to members who have transitioned out of their board terms, we were especially grateful for their contributions to the KFW mission. Their work will be treasured for many years to come. We will continue their legacy as we move together towards a vibrant future.

In Peace and Power,

the KFW Board

KFW Board Members Showcase “This I Believe”

The KFW board is thankful to be able serve a dynamic community of artists and social change makers. We see our role as “ambassadors”, who can take an active role in the feminist art for social change movement by reaching out and engaging those who are currently under represented among our community. Each member looks forward to creating connections with past, present, and future grantees/residents, and our allies of the KFW community.

At a recent retreat our wise and wonderful KFW Board spent time contemplating their role in sustaining the mission and values of KFW. Board members participated in a “This I Believe” exercise to reflect each person’s personal vision for KFW and how she could create connections with our community. No two statements were identical, but our word cloud pictured below provides an indication that our board shares one omnipresent goal.


Meet The


Sharon LaRue
Sharon LaRueExecutive Director
Jenrose Fitzgerald
Jenrose FitzgeraldGrant Program Manager
Rae Strobel
Rae StrobelOrganizational Development Associate
Kim Wilhoit
Kim WilhoitFinance Manager
Janae Lewis Hall
Janae Lewis HallResidency and Communications Manager