The KFW Digital Storytelling Project (DSP) uses digital media to share the story of founder Sallie Bingham, who planted a seed thirty years ago with the radical idea to give women artists their own money to create social change in Kentucky. This seed has grown and flourished into a sustainable organization deeply rooted in feminist thought and practice.

Along with KFW staff, the project will highlight the stories of the broader community who have passionately worked to construct the art and social justice movement that is uniquely Kentucky.

The DSP includes: in-depth interviews, video features, podcasts and still images.



These historical interviews capture the hearts and minds of those early visionaries that had the foresight to establish a foundation for women 30 years ago. We begin with our Founder Sallie Bingham, and include Director Ann Stewart Anderson, Hopscotch House Naturalist Wren Smith, and American Voice Publisher Fred Smock. We follow up with Director Judi Jennings and more inspirational women!

The interviews are recorded in a longer format and will be available in archives along with a written transcript.

Sallie Bingham Interview

April 14, 2015 in the KFW office

Ann Stewart Anderson Interview

December 15, 2015

allies and


These interviews are with the dynamic allies, activists and community members who have locked arms with KFW and have advanced social change movements throughout the state.
feminist art


These interviews will highlight the artists and activists who have received KFW grants or participated in Hopscotch House residencies or retreats and have made an impact on the community. And of course, we want to include the innovative voices of the next generation of feminist artists who are setting the stage for the future!

Elmer Lucille Allen Interview




This podcast was created from segments of an interview with Wren Smith, who was the Hopscotch House Naturalist and Manager.  Click here to view the full interview transcript (PDF).

special thanks


Carol Bolton, Master’s Candidate, Department of History, University of Louisville

Joanna Hay ProductionsDirector of Photography, Sallie Bingham interview

Tracy K’MeyerOral History Consultation

Ian WeberProduction Assistance

 Podcast music “Opening Up” by Adam Selzer, from the album Production Music – used with permission