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SRP 2016 in Review

Participants in the 2016 Summer Residency Program responded to the KFW call to create work that is radical, timely and urgent. During their week-long stay at Hopscotch House residents shared conversations of using art to find personal peace, address social/political discourse and to inspire healing. They made art. They became allies and friends.

“The house was electrifying, and very encouraging for art making.” said Lindsey Windland, a resident whose fabric art focuses on exposing unsafe abortion practices. Alexis “STIX” Brown, used the week at Hopscotch House to advance illustrations for her book that depicts women as warriors and men as nurturers. “We talked about social issues, we shared ideas on ways to further our careers. This experience is more profound than I imagined it could be.” said “STIX” The work of these Residents, along with Sandra Charles, who began her series of dynamic paintings on African Warrior Queens, will be featured in an exhibit in 2017.

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