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KFW Sponsorship Guidelines

The mission of the Kentucky Foundation for Women is to promote positive social change by supporting varied feminist expression in the arts. For sponsorship requests, KFW supports events that have a feminist focus, address inequality for women and girls, and engage participants in creativity/culture/arts.


Please answer the following questions in an email to

    1. How is your practice of feminism shown in this event?
    2. How will the proposed activities engage in creativity/art/culture that has the potential for social change for women and girls?
    3. What kind of social change do you anticipate? As an example: How will your activities lead to a change in knowledge, attitudes, awareness, definitions, engagement, or behaviors?
    4. How will you engage a diverse range of participants?


KFW requirements:

  • A typical sponsorship is from $500 – $1000.
  • KFW does not sponsor individual shows or artist fees.
  • The KFW logo must be added to social media and graphics for the event.
  • One sponsorship per applicant in a fiscal year from July to June.
  • Sponsorships are awarded to Kentucky residents.
  • Sponsorship funds can only be used for events that are separate from events proposed in a submitted grant application (whether funded or not.)
  • With proposals of equal merit, priority will be given to first-time applicants; women from rural areas; women of color, especially Black or African American women; LGBTQ+ women; low-income women; women who did not complete high school or college; and women with disabilities.
  • After the event, applicants must send an email with follow up information on the impact of the event for our KFW records.

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