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Sallie Bingham Award - Kentucky Foundation For Women
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Sallie Bingham Award

Named for KFW’s founder, The Sallie Bingham Award recognizes Kentucky women who are leaders in changing the lives of women and girls across the state by supporting feminist expression in the arts. The award was founded in 1996 by former KFW Director, Ann Stewart Anderson. Honorees are recognized at the annual KFW Day Celebration at Hopscotch House.

1996: Mary Jefferson, Writer

1997: Alma Lesch, Textile Artist

1998: Ann Stewart Anderson, Visual Artist

1999: Laverne Zabielski, Writer

2000: Nana Yaa Asantewaa, Storyteller

2001: Pat Buster, KFW Staff

2002: Lorna Littleway, Theatre

2003: Elizabeth Oakes and Jane Olmsted, Writers

2004: Kentucky Women Writers Conference, Writers

2005: Judy Sizemore, Writer

2006: Carridder Jones, Writer

2007: Gail Martin, KFW Board Member

2008: Joyce Ogden, Visual Artist

2009: Crystal Wilkinson, Literary

2010: Kate Larken, Performing- Music

2011: Trish Ayers, Performing-Theatre

2012: Kentucky Domestic Violence Association, Literary, Performance & Visual

2013: Leatha Kendrick, Writer

2014: KFW Community

2015: Nzingha Beverley Sweeney-Sheppard

2016: Bianca Lynne Spriggs

2017: Judi Jennings

2018: Betty Dobson

2019: Elmer Lucille Allen

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