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One Time Grants - Kentucky Foundation For Women
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One Time Grants

In some years, KFW is able to offer grants outside of our regular grant programs for special initiatives on select topics.


In 2020, KFW is offering “Bridging Divides: a grant opportunity for experienced KFW Grantees.


Similar to the AMA grant, the Bridging Divides grant supports feminist artists and organizations in Kentucky to engage individuals and communities in artmaking that directly advances positive social change towards bridging divides. Applicants may request funds for a range of art activities that address social change including but not limited to: community participation in creating art, collaborative or individualized artmaking with women and/or girls, artists’ creation of new work in a community context, or arts education programs primarily focused on women or girls.


With this grant, KFW chooses to honor the work of the many grantees who have been consistently creating feminist social change impact in their communities. The purpose of this grant is to invest in these efforts to bridge divides for greater change and sustainable impact.


“Experienced KFW Grantees” will be defined as having received two or more grants from KFW of $1500 or more each or one grant of $3000 or more. Individual artists and nonprofit organizations must be residents of KY and meet KFW’s eligibility requirements. KFW is committed to making grants accessible to all, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, educational level, economic condition or geographic origin.


Applicants may ask for up to $10,000. This grant will be a yes or no decision; there will not be an option for reduced funding. There may be an opportunity for a continuation of funding in 2021, dependent on the availability of KFW funds and the applicant’s completion of grant reporting.


The Bridging Divides grant will be a highly competitive process. Only a few projects will be selected due to availability of funds. Reviewers will prioritize applicants that have demonstrated consistent feminist social change impact in their communities.


For more information, click here for Bridging Divides Guidelines.

2020 Bridging Divides Grant Recipients

In an effort to bridge the many real and imagined divides in our communities, the Kentucky Foundation for Women gave grants of up to $10,000 to experienced KFW grantees to engage individuals and communities in artmaking that directly advances positive social change for women and girls in Kentucky.

Bridging Divides, One Time Grants
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