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Cecelia Rhoden

(Berea): $6,134 to teach herself to sew and create a collection of clothing from mostly salvaged materials by working in textiles in accordance with her eco-friendly waste minimization lifestyle. This will allow her to expand her skill set while continuing to nourish her passion for preserving the fading skills historically kept in the living libraries of womankind.

Previous Grants

AE 2020 | (Berea): $4,857 to create a body of work around the practice of textile mending to facilitate her future success as a visible mending artist. Through this project, she will refine her skills to teach skill-shares, host repair workshops, and help others make good repair choices. Dedicating herself to this project will allow her to build a proper portfolio and become more independent as a working artist.

2020 AMA | With Kiana Mahjub | (Berea): $3,678 to provide women a 4-day, beginner-level workshop that will produce completed decorative embroidered pieces that empower their creator. To speak their minds through embroidery is a proclamation that they care not if they are judged or challenged, a stride in confidence and empowerment many women don’t see until later in life.


| Visual |, AE 2021

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