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Elisabeth Jensen

2024 Art Meets Activism | (Nicholasville) $1,941 to lead nature-based creativity workshops for womxn living with chronic illness and womxn engaged in social-justice activism or changemaking. By connecting with nature and exploring multiple avenues of creativity, participants will deepen their relationship to self, community, and place and will nourish their creative energy.

Previous Grants

2022 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Nicholasville) $4,239 to conduct research for a historical fiction book, set in the ghost town of Bayocean, Oregon–a seaside community obliterated by human-caused erosion and flooding. This research will help her grow as an author, and the novel, which will focus on the experiences of women and their connection with the land, will provide a needed counterpoint to the male-centric (and wealth-centric) narrative that is typically presented as history.


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