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Jessica Mathis (AKA Divinity Rose)

2024 Art Meets Activism | (Louisville) $2,674 to host a screenplay competition to encourage works set in Kentucky that address feminist topics and feature strong lead or primary roles for actors who identify as women, trans, gender fluid or nonbinary. Participants from Kentucky will receive judges’ feedback, and winning scripts will be awarded cash, free professional coaching, and the chance to have professional actors read their work at a live recorded film and TV industry event.

Radical, Timely, Urgent 2024 | (Louisville) $10,000 to support a live videotaping of an event titled “Unmasked,” an event featuring storytelling from a diverse group of 12 Kentucky artists related to coming out, neurodivergence, medical choices related to body, and gender identity. The video will be made into a mini-documentary by combining the performances with artist interviews and will be submitted to awards, festivals and screenings, before making the stories freely available online. The project will energize and amplify Kentucky feminist artists’ stories and discussions surrounding these topics in Kentucky and beyond. 

Previous Grants

2022 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Louisville) $5,000 to create a TV-worthy video of Mandee’s one woman show, “My Left Boob,” to bring the timely story of her experiences with bodily autonomy to a larger audience. Jessica (AKA Divinity Rose) will utilize her unique background in standup and video production to help Mandee develop the next stage of her career as she learns to work with professional camera crews to create the video. 


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