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Recovering Joy Arts and Nature Center

2024 Art Meets Activism | (Somerset) $9,968 to provide participants from a local recovery center for women opportunities to make fiber arts, reflect on the art process, advocate for themselves, integrate artmaking in recovery, and share their art. Lead artists will sharpen their skills in art and teaching, share their knowledge of artmaking and the earth, and influence social change by helping women in recovery find and raise their voices.

Previous Grants

2023 Art Meets Activism | (Somerset) $8,050 to engage participants from Sky Hope Recovery Center for Women in fiber arts that connect tending plants and animals with dyeing and weaving skills that have been mainstays in cultures all over the world, including in Appalachia. Participant outcomes will include collaborative and individual artworks, increased awareness of interconnectedness, confidence in learning a process and an understanding of ways the arts can influence personal and societal change.


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