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Lexie Abra Millikan

2022 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Marion) $3,545 to fund a residency in Guatemala to study backstrap weaving with master weaver Lidia Lopez and her sisters, while learning about other cultural traditions with a group of female artists, educators, and curators. She will bring this knowledge into her practice to promote cultural diversity, hone her technical educational skills, and expand her network, which will help her make cross cultural connections and strengthen her creative community. 

Previous Grants

2020 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Marion): $4,250 to develop a new body of fiber work that repurposes textiles from women in her life and create community participation that challenges contributors to reconsider their ideas about traditional gender roles. Developing this body of work will help energize her as an artist and will engage people in the region through participation in the creation of the work and reexamination of the women around them.


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