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Vanessa Becker Weig (Voices Amplified)

2024 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Lexington) $10,000 to produce a feminist play centered on the United States Constitution to foster reflection among audiences while promoting civic engagement. Post-performance workshops will provide a structured platform for participants to exchange experiences provoked by the theatrical storytelling, thereby enhancing dialogue and understanding of constitutional principles from a feminist perspective.

Previous Grants

2022 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Lexington) $6,400 to develop Bodies Amp’d which explores the intersections of intergenerational female-identifying participants with dynamic backgrounds and diverse body types and abilities. This will create a shift related to their self-esteem and body image by experiencing their body’s ability to move and story-tell.

2021 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Lexington): $3,400 to further her training as a movement and theatre artist, choreographer, deviser, and director. This training will utilize movement education and performance to empower and unite intergenerational female identifying artists and individuals with dynamic cultural backgrounds, with a keen focus on diverse body types that is inclusive of all shapes and sizes.

2020 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Lexington): $7,465 to launch Voices Amplified (formerly known as The Girl Project) as a podcast and fund Podcasting and ArtEquity Training. This work will help her grow as an artist while offering her the opportunity to create a culture of equity and inclusion in all areas of her artistry.


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