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SRP Artists Present at Art Sanctuary Gallery Opening

KFW Presents “Strength in Three”

On Friday, February 2nd artists from the 2016 Summer Residency Program showcased the completed work of the projects started during their stay at the Hopscotch House. In the exhibit called “Strength in Three”, KFW artists Sandra Charles, Alexis “STIX” Brown, and Lindsey Windland collaborated with the Art Sanctuary to present a diverse range of their artistic talent and hard work started in the summer of 2016 through the residency program.  The purpose of our Summer Residency Program is to support feminist artist who need time, space, and funds to create and work on their art. SRP provides a supportive and safe space for women to advance their artistic development, participate in building community within a feminist setting and deepen their understanding of art and social change.

The opening was free and open to the public at the newly renovated Art Sanctuary. Light refreshments and drinks were served to celebrate the finalized work of Sandra, STIX, and Lindsey. Viewers were given the opportunity to explore the work of the artists as well as talk with each artist about their projects. The artist were given the opportunity to delve into the process of creating their projects as well as give a testament towards the benefits of taking intentional time away from the business of everyday life to put towards the cultivation of their art. Community members, friends, and family came out to support the hard work of these feminist artists!

“Strength in Three” will be on display at the Art Sanctuary: 1433 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40217 until Sunday, February 25! Make sure to check out the other opportunities and services we offer such as: grants, short term and long term residencies, resources, and more on our website! For a chance to be featured or guest write on our blog please email your name, number, and subject of interest.


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