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Recap: 2015 Summer Residency

During the Summer Residency Program at Hopscotch House, a dynamic group of women increased their writing skills, shaped a nurturing communal experience and forged connections that have extended beyond the residency. The combination of diverse backgrounds and a willingness to grow personally and professionally created space for a life changing experience. “For some, there’s not another opportunity to have this cross-sectionality of life experience,” said Crystal Wilkinson, Writer – in – Residence. DaMaris Hill, one of six participants, added “All of us are different and define feminism in specific ways, but equally we were all committed to being a collective of women that supported one another.”

In this video the residents, Elizabeth Angell, Monica Bowling, Bobbi Buchanan, Asha French, DaMaris Hill, Patrice Muhammad talk about the writing process and their personal transformation.

On the final day of the residency fourteen writers participated in the Community Writing Workshop with Crystal. These women explored the power of writing about women-centered issues, memories and connecting to the spirit of the land.

Click here to learn more and view a video about the experience.

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