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Radical, Timely, Urgent 2024 | (Berea) $10,000 to support a pilot project called “Molecular Ecosystems,” a femme, queer, solar punk network of artists who will work together to form cross-sector collaborations and civic engagement. KFW funds will be used to train facilitators to nurture and develop local “eco-art pods,” that will be formed throughout Kentucky. These artist-groups will then engage in collaborative efforts to generate unique, localized solutions to public, municipal, business, non-profit and/or grassroots issues.

Previous Grants

Artist Enrichment 2020 | (Berea) $7,000 to develop an arts and ecology program at The Pinnacles, which is a nature preserve in Berea, using multi-layered interventions (including research/experimentation, education, and creation). This will provide both formal and informal educational opportunities, create spaces for play and wonder, and build bridges across exclusionary divides by inviting femme and femme-queer artists of color to lead aspects of the programming as this process unfolds.

Art Meets Activism 2020 | (Berea) $3,500 to gather stories and folklore about American Ginseng, create a puppet show, and offer Ginseng Sound Labs, a multi-sensory immersive experience of Ginseng’s medicine. This project will intentionally reconnect people from marginalized groups with the natural world in a way that may have been denied them throughout history.


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