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Genesis Arts

Radical, Timely, Urgent 2024 | (Louisville)  $9,925 to support “Sojourner Circle,” a radical initiative empowering Black female elders, specifically women ages 55 and up, through hands-on art-making activities and community-building. Participants will engage in workshops on creative movement, visual arts, creative writing, and storytelling led by Portia White and Gwendolyn Murphy. The program recognizes aging Black women as vital contributors to artistic expression and feminist discourse.

Previous Grants

Bridging Divides 2020 | (Louisville) $8,900 to support their “Vibrant Arts Project” that will challenge older adult women to grow creatively by participating in quilting, charcoals/pastels, dance and creative writing workshops. Engaging older women in hands-on arts programming that has a personal connection can empower them to build meaningful connections with community while discovering their artistic potential and setting an example for other mature women.


Bridging Divides, One Time Grants, Radical Timely Urgent 2024

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