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Girls Rock Louisville, Inc

2020 Art Meets Activism Grant:

(Louisville): $4,375 to help youth curate Rock and Roll Hall of Fame style visual projects that represent the legacies of Women, Femmes, Trans, and Non-binary individuals in music history. Youth will increase their awareness of music history and knowledge about the contributions of marginalized people in music.

2020 Bridging Divides One Time Grant:

Girls Rock Louisville, Inc./Jerika Jones (Louisville): $10,000 to support a summer music camp for girls, trans, and gender non-conforming youth ages 10-17 from all backgrounds. The campers will learn an instrument, write a song, perform a concert and record their songs at a professional recording studio. The camp empowers participants by exploring music, creativity, and self-expression in a supportive and inclusive environment. Girls Rock Louisville views music as a force for change and community building as well as an opportunity to learn about the power of inner voice, joy, and participation in social justice movements.


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