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2024 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Louisville) $4,250 to tour “Defining Infinity,” an original piece that celebrates the diversity of gender identity and sexuality spectrums and to produce workshops where participants can share their stories. The reinvented narrative centers on the stories of a group of queer friends as they explore how gender and sexuality norms have been challenged through the lifetimes of the characters.

Previous Grants

2023 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Louisville) $5,000 to devise and create a play script using Crystal E. Wilkinson’s writings and poetry that will be produced and toured in schools and communities. By lifting up Wilkinson’s voice, adapting her works, and incorporating voices of women today, their audience will benefit from engaging in storytelling about the Black Woman’s Appalachian Experience that fights stereotypes and reflects the true history of the region.   

2022 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Louisville) $6,000 to produce the initial phase of The Ancestors Project, an evolving community art making and performance project with free public workshops throughout the Commonwealth with the goal of developing a model for public performance that includes community members and members of the company. Participants will see the impact their ancestors had on their lives and wider community and reflect on their own impact.

2021 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Louisville) $4,000 for the nineteen-member ensemble to participate in up to twelve hours of Conscientious Theatre Training with the Anti-Racist Theatre. They will then create a company handbook that codifies the ways of working in a safe and brave space that Lilith has sought to create over the last twenty years. Participants will shift awareness of harmful systems, change attitudes about confronting those systems, and experience a change in behavior in dismantling them.

2021 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Louisville) $3,800 to explore a horizontal leadership model within the Looking for Lilith ensemble. Utilizing the research and performance art they have created around Suffrage history in Louisville, ensemble members in artistic teams of 2 will each create an outdoor performance in a location significant to the Suffrage movement, to be performed in a Covid-safe progressive driving tour.

2020 Artist Enrichment Grant | (Louisville) $7,500 to hone their skills as Story Circle facilitators, through the launch of a community Story Circle project. They will develop as feminist social change artists by learning technology and online facilitation of story circles, using the stories shared to create short “digital plays,” and availing themselves of professional development to learn different methodologies.

2020 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Louisville) $3,500 to stage free public “pop-up” performances around Louisville of “Lifting as we Climb: KY Suffragists and the Unpopular Cause” that highlights the lives and work of Kentucky Suffragists. Passersby will engage with each pop-up performance and complete voter registration cards at each performance.


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