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2023 Art Meets Activism | (Louisville) $7,715 to create a youth-directed book writing project involving 40-45 young women (ages 11-14) as they choose a poetry or creative non-fiction writing theme that addresses what matters most to them. They will discuss leadership, improve writing skills, learn how writing can be a powerful way to create change and take part in the publishing process.

Previous Grants

2022 Art Meets Activism | (Louisville) $3,295 to produce a book writing program for young women (ages 11-14) that uses poetry and creative non-fiction to celebrate food and explore how food is central to care, memory, health, and feelings. This program will challenge assumptions and foster a deeper appreciation for food culture as it relates to female identity.

2021 Art Meets Activism | (Louisville): $6,870 to offer a book writing program to thirty to thirty-five young women who will use poetry and creative non-fiction to explore and share what it means to be a middle-school girl in the twenty-first century—challenging the status quo and expectations that come with being a girl. This project will amplify the voices of young women and create a space for intergenerational learning.

2020 Art Meets Activism | (Louisville): $3,200 to offer a chapbook writing program for 15 to 20 young women to write poems that explore a range of themes including identity, feminism, home, food, and growing up. Participants will gain increased confidence, self-efficacy, and verbalization skills related to feminism, and strengthened support networks.


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