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Nominations for 2023 Firestarter Award Now Open!

Firestarters are intersectional feminist artists (18-25) who are igniting sparks in their community.   They are artists who engage deeply in movements for racial, climate, disability and gender/LGBTQ+ justice, bring attention to mental health and disparities in healthcare, bridge divides in rural and immigrant communities, disrupt outdated and oppressive systems, envision new ways of thinking and being with each other, and so much more.


The Firestarter award honors artists who are taking risks in the creation of new art, working towards social justice/community engagement, and who demonstrate a developing feminist voice, including new insights and visions for intersectional feminism and art for social change.


A Firestarter shows potential in: 

  • creating compelling art, including taking risks in developing new work
  • engaging with social justice movements or their communities (This could be a geographic community in a specific neighborhood, county or region in KY, or a community based on interests, identity or values.)
  • developing their feminist voice by questioning norms and imagining new ways to create art for social change


The Firestarter Award honors a young feminist social change artist for their outstanding ability to inspire others to make a difference! To learn more about previous Firestarters, see the Award Recipients Page. To learn more about last year’s Firestarter Award Winners, click here.





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Firestarter Award Winners are selected by peers.

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