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KFW Announces Digital Storytelling Project

KFW is excited to announce our Digital Storytelling Project (DSP) as a part of the organizations 30th Anniversary celebration. The DSP uses digital media to tell the story of how KFW grew from a seed planted by founder Sallie Bingham into a sustainable organization deeply rooted in feminist thought and practice. Along with KFW staff, the project will highlight the stories of artists, activists and allies past and present who have worked to construct the art and social justice movement that is uniquely Kentucky.

The DSP includes video and audio oral histories, video features, podcasts and still images. The full oral history videos and transcripts will soon be available online.

Visit the Digital Storytelling page here for a sampling of interviews with Sallie Bingham, Wren Smith, Ann Stewart Anderson and community members George Ella Lyon, Bianca Spriggs and Red Biddix. For project information contact Sharon LaRue at 502 562-0045

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