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Ambo Dance Theatre

2023 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Louisville) $5,943 to support the outreach and production costs of “The Graham Cracker,” our comical modern dance reimagining of “The Nutcracker” as a fantasy-inspired queer love story. Our production team will work to enhance the play’s current queer narrative, build partnerships with other local LGBTQ-supporting organizations and work with JCPS’ (Jefferson County Public Schools) Dance Programs to make our collaborative practices, uplifting narrative and performance opportunities more accessible to diverse populations.

Previous Grants

2022 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Louisville) $4,500 to support the production of “Kids These Days,” which addresses the intersectional and unique challenges of today’s teens from their own perspective. This will empower middle and high school age dancers and encourage healthy emotional processing, collaboration, and the development of choreographic skills.


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