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Arts Connect Eastern KY (ACEky)

2022 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Mt. Vernon) $10,000 for two past ACEky participants and a past mentee to provide art-making opportunities designed to support women in two recovery programs while serving as role models for the effectiveness of art in achieving and maintaining recovery. Projects will nurture essential recovery skills, including mindfulness, overcoming fear of failure, self-expression, and introspection. 

Previous Grants

2021 Art Meets Activism Grant | (Somerset): $10,000 to engage women in recovery in Harlan and Perry counties in making art to sell and to give, co-creating art and materials, and participating in an online exhibit. This will help them gain self-respect and create supportive connections with communities beyond the jail or recovery center.

2020 Bridging Divides Grant | (Somerset): $10,000 to offer a series of arts workshops to groups of women incarcerated in the Knox County Detention Center, and graduates and residents of Sky Hope Recovery Center for Women. The program utilizes art-making to give participants practice in building the courage required to achieve and maintain recovery, and opportunities to create sustainable connections with the community.


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