KFW Features Maggie Steed for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, KFW is featuring Maggie Steed, a Paducah business woman whose hotel hosted many famous African Americans and now stands as a historic site. We also wish to thank KFW Grantee Betty Dobson for her tireless work to preserve Steed’s legacy.  
Maggie Steed: Pioneering Entrepreneur  
Visit the Hotel Metropolitan Museum in Paducah […]

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KFW Interviews Artist Estella Conwill Májozo



KFW is profiling Estella Conwill Májozo for Black History Month in honor of her dedication to social justice and extensive efforts to highlight the achievements and struggles of African Americans and spark social change. 


Estella Conwill Majozo: Shining a Light on History and Creating a New Path  
Dr. Estella Conwill Majozo is not done telling the story of African American history. Her […]

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SRP Artists Present at Art Sanctuary Gallery Opening

KFW Presents “Strength in Three”
On Friday, February 2nd artists from the 2016 Summer Residency Program showcased the completed work of the projects started during their stay at the Hopscotch House. In the exhibit called “Strength in Three”, KFW artists Sandra Charles, Alexis “STIX” Brown, and Lindsey Windland collaborated with the Art Sanctuary to present a […]

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The Legacy Continues

The following guest blog is from Ellen Birkett Morris, a Louisville-based writer.
The Legacy Continues
On Sunday, September 24 Kentucky Foundation for Women community members gathered at Hopscotch House as Judi Jennings, former KFW Executive Director, received the Sallie Bingham Award and Amani Nichae received the Firestarter Award.

The Firestarter Award honors a young woman who shows meaningful promise in developing […]

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Wonder Woman and Feminism

The following guest blog is from Rebecca Amsler.

During our annual board retreat a few months back each of us were asked to contribute to KFW’s blog.  My assigned month was June and though I’ve never considered myself a procrastinator, it seems as I’ve hit my forties I can add that to my resume for reasons […]

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In the Beginning

The following guest blog is from Shayla D. Johnson, a Lexington-based artist and member of the KFW Board.
In the Beginning
“In the beginning God created……..” (Genesis 1:1a) I love that God’s first “movement” was to “create”; it justifies why He created me the way He created me. I am movement. I am breath. I am art. I create.

Dance […]

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Scatter Me Some Seeds

The following guest blog is from KFW Board member Lee Alcott.

Scatter Me Some Seeds
Stories fill my head as I begin to write this blog…which direction to take? Should I focus on myself? My art? My children? My work? Feminist art? The art of humanity? The art of social justice? Should I write about the 35 plus years […]

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Spotlight on Sara Martin: Blues Pioneer

The following guest blog is from Ellen Birkett Morris, a Louisville-based writer.
Spotlight on Sara Martin: Blues Pioneer

Kentucky has a rich musical heritage that continues to this day, but few are aware of the legacy of Sara Martin, a popular blues singer of the 1920s who was known as “the blues sensation of the West.”

Sara was born in […]

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Artist Rejuvenation in Paducah

The following guest blog is from KFW Board member Jacquelyn Carruthers—a nurse and artist living in Paducah, KY. Below she shares her story of a mural project in her community.
Artistic Rejuvenation in Paducah
Like many downtown areas from yesteryear which have vacant buildings due to urban expansion from construction of malls, Paducah has one building that caught the eye of […]

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Natalie Frank Adds a Sisterly Touch to the Brothers Grimm

Natalie Frank Adds a Sisterly Touch to the Brothers Grimm
An imaginary world of magic, mystical creatures, and the overarching desire to find one’s self are a few of the traits we all recognize from fairytales. Natalie Frank, a New York-based artist, has taken the works of the Brothers Grimm and transformed them into a collection […]

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